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Frequently Asked 


Cookapoo Dog

We have put together the following most commonly asked questions by adopters

If there is anything else you would like to ask, please complete the contact form. 

How do I adopt from Merlin’s Haven?

If you go to our Adopt A Dog section on the website full details are provided on the adoption process or please email  and one of us will contact you.

Can Merlin’s Haven guarantee the breed and age of the dog?

The Rescue CANNOT guarantee the age of a dog and also the breed (or breeds) of a dog but will endeavor to ascertain such by veterinary advice in Cyprus.  

How old does a dog need to be to fly?

Based on current EU legislation a dog has to be at least 16 weeks old to fly.

How much does it cost to adopt?

The cost will vary depending on whether a puppy, adult dog or senior dog and whether they are in Cyprus or UK and the method used to get them to the UK.  Below is an average cost you can expect to pay.

To UK:

Puppy: £590

Adult Dog: £630

Golden Oldies: £350

Within Cyprus:

Puppy: €100-€150

Adult Dog: €130-180

Golden Oldie: €100

How does the dog travel to the UK?

We use a variety of methods and will always discuss the options with the adopter.


The options include:

Direct flights to a number of regional airports in the UK; Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow, Doncaster, Bristol.

Flight to Cologne and our pet courier picks them up from the airport and drives them to the UK and delivers to new owners at designated collection points.

Actual method will depend on availability of flights and courier.  We will keep you updated on availability of travel dates and options for the dogs

Will I need to pay a deposit?

On confirmation of a successful homecheck, adoption of the selected dog will be confirmed.  As this point we will require the adoption fee to cover the vet preparation for the dog to travel which includes vaccinations including rabies vaccination, microchip, passport, flea and worm treatment.  Click here to see information of adoption fees.

Will the dog be house trained?

The majority of dogs whilst at Merlin’s will be living in outside kennels therefore it is very difficult to house train them.  We will however where possible do some lead training and recall training with them.

It is best that the new owners undertake the main training as this is an excellent time to form a bond with the dog.

Do I need to take out pet insurance for the dog?

It is advisable to take out pet insurance as soon as you get your dog to ensure that you can meet any future vet bills.

Do I need to take the dog to the vets?

We recommend that the dog be seen by a vet within 5 days of being homed for a health check up and to register your dog with your vet.

When should I register the microchip in my name?

All our dogs have microchips implanted before leaving Cyprus.  It is imperative you update the registration and keep it up-to-date as this is a legal requirement.   UK foster dogs will be pre-registered for their safety whilst in foster. 

What vaccinations will the dogs have had?

All dogs will have had the rabies vaccination.

Puppies will have had 3 general vaccinations and kennel cough

Adult dogs will have had 2 general vaccinations.

Will I need to worm them when they arrive in the UK?

The dogs will have been wormed as part of their pre flight check up so they will not need to be wormed for at least 3 months.  We would suggest that you speak to your vet when you take your dog for a check up to get their advice of worming options available.

How do I register the microchip?

Your vet may be happy to do it but you can also do this through Merlin's Haven at a reduced price.  We will send out a form with the adoption agreement and dog summary a few days before your dog flies. 

Can I return the dog if it does not work out?

If you can no longer keep your pet the Rescue MUST be informed at any time of a change in circumstances and Merlin’s will arrange for the dog to be removed at the earliest opportunity.

Will I get a refund on the cost of the dog if I have to return the dog to the rescue?

We do not refund on the return of the dog unless exceptional circumstances apply.

Whilst at Merlin’s what are the dogs fed and how often?

The dogs are fed a quantity of dry dog food with a small amount of wet food.  In Cyprus the range of dog food is not as extensive as the UK, so we find that most of the time the food we use is not available in the UK however if you ensure that you use a good quality dry food such as Burns as an example you should have no issues. If you click on this link you will find useful information on feed options

We would recommend that you avoid Bakers/Pedigree/cheap supermarket brands as these can have a lot of additives  which may be too rich for your dog’s stomach.

How long will it take for the dog to settle in?

We want your dog to settle in quickly but some do take longer than others so please be patient. We do not want dogs returned within a few days of adoption/foster. You will not see the true character for possibly three weeks to three months. Your dog needs time to get to know his new family and his new home and recover from his transition.  Please click here for some information and tips on making sure your dog settles in as smoothly as possible. 

We would recommend visiting our page Success Tails where some of our adopters have recounted their experiences.  If at any time you need advice or support, please contact the Merlin’s Haven team.

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