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Am I ready to adopt?

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Rescue Puppy

So you are thinking about taking on a rescue dog...
Please read some important comments from our team below.

  • Please think carefully. These dogs have had their lives tipped upside down through no fault of their own and many will have been neglected and abused the whole of their life and will therefore take time to settle into a home.

  • They might poo in the house, they might bark when you leave them, they might destroy something, they may be unsure of humans having had bad experiences. These are to be expected and not reasons to ask them to be rehomed after one or two weeks. 

  • With Merlin’s Haven being located in Cyprus, it is not possible for most people to have the opportunity to visit the dog prior to adoption. We will answer all your questions about the dog you are interested in and provide regular updates on them prior to them leaving the rescue. We are also happy to do facetime sessions should you wish to see the dog.

  • Please listen to what we tell you about the dog as we know these dogs and disclose everything we know. Deeply consider what you are told about the dog and its personality before you offer the dog a home. It does them no favours to go into a home for a week and then end up in kennels. 

  • With training and guidance they will settle, you just need to have patience as it can take several months of hard work and commitment. With time the dog will trust you and will flourish and you will have a pet that will give you unconditional love. Some adopters of Merlin’s Haven’s dogs experiences can be found on the Happy Endings pages of this website and we would encourage you to read these.

  • We class ourselves as a family so we are always there to help and support all adopters. Please be sure you can commit to a rescue dog before you take them home.

  • If, after reading this, you are still interested in adopting one of our dogs, please read the information on the process and complete the Adoption Enquiry Form .

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

We Welcome Any Dog / Cat Food, Beds, Linen, Or Anything Which Can Assist Us.


PayPal (SafePay) Donation

Over the Phone

If You Have Any Ideas On How To Raise Funds, Please Call Us

(00357) 992 42501

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