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Success Tails 

The stories of happily adopted Merlins Haven dogs, written by their forever families. If you'd like us to feature your happy ending, please get in touch.

To See A Gallery Of All Of Our Previously Adopted Dogs, Please Click Below

Previously Adopted Dog Gallery

The Tail Of Amanda & Lilly

After losing my mum, I struggled with depression for quite some time. I remembered how much I used to love having a dog in my life and felt I was ready to adopt again. The very day I started looking, I saw the pictures posted of little Lily on the Merlins Haven website and just instantly fell in love with her! I immediately sent a message to register my interest and thankfully, they were really quick to respond. I returned their adoption paperwork that same day and again, they came back to me really quickly to confirm that Lily had been reserved for me, pending a home check! Wow, within an afternoon, I was about to become a doggie parent again!

Lynn & Mary-Kate remained in contact with me throughout the month until Lily arrived in the UK. I felt really touched that they took time out of their busy days to send me updates/ photos/ videos! They took care of absolutely everything too - the trips to the vet in Cyprus for all Lily's treatments/ vaccinations, arranging her passport and organising all the transportation - they even had her groomed the day before she flew out! When I was then contacted with an actual pickup date, I felt I was going to burst with excitement! I then also started to receive messages/ updates from the transportation company, Woofers! I was even able to choose what drop off point was most convenient for me.   

On 27th September 2018, Lily started her journey to the UK! Pictures were uploaded of them at the airport in Pathos, more pictures were uploaded of them arriving at the airport in Paris, plus Woofers were sending updates - as they made it through the Tunnel, as they arrived/ left each pick up point! I remember thinking how organised this entire process had been and that it had run so smoothly from start to finish! Considering they are constantly rescuing new animals, their professionalism when managing the actual adoption process is outstanding! A truly first class operation!

I was the first to arrive at our pick up point but within minutes, a group of us had congregated, all waiting expectantly for our new arrivals! We chatted, laughed, cried - the atmosphere was something else! We just knew that we were sharing a very special moment together! Then the Woofers van pulled into the car park, on time, as per their last update - my heart was beating like crazy at this point! The team from Woofers are obvious animal lovers and expertly started to bring our fur babies out to us, one by one - I wasn't expecting to be quite so overjoyed when someone in our group was handed their new dog but that's exactly how it was, we were all routing for each other and that was wonderful! Then it was my turn and Lily was in my arms for the very first time - she gave me a huge lick across my face, as if she knew I was her very own human! We hung around together for a while, introducing each other to our furry friends!    

Lily has settled into the household so well! I needn't have worried about how she would get on with my resident kitties - that situation worked out really quickly - they all sleep together now! It's just been the best 6 months since she arrived! I haven't experienced a 'down day' since - how could I?! I'm out walking in the fresh air every day, checking out parks and woodland that I'd forgotten even existed! We've just celebrated Lily's first birthday with a weekend on the Suffolk coastline! She's such a happy and enthusiastic little dog and she makes me feel the same! I know it's a cliche but I honestly feel that Lily rescued me - she's given me purpose again! She's become quite the celebrity locally - everyone knows and loves her!

I'm still in touch with some of the group from that night and of course, with the team at Merlins! I love that we continue to share our journey on the Merlins Happy Endings page! It's fabulous to see all the latest fur babies starting out in their new lives too! Lynn & Mary-Kate have created a Merlins family and we'll all be connected forever! I can't thank Merlins enough for what they do and for the positive difference they've made to my life! Adopt from them today, I promise you won't regret it!     

The Tail Of Helen & Chester

We adopted a dog from Cyprus 10 years ago – he has been the perfect dog both in size and temperament and everyone always comments about how lovely he is.  Hence when we decided to adopt a 2nddog it was a bit of a no brainer that we would look again at rehoming from Cyprus.  The home we got him from 10 years ago don’t adopt to UK, so we set about looking for a new charity.  I was recommended Merlin’s Haven by a lady who bought our dog box and on the first look at their facebook page spied Chester.  We contacted Lynn and asked for more information – how old, temperament, parents etc.  To begin with we communicated by messenger, plus we were sent a few video’s of Chester out and about.  However after finding out positive things about Chester we asked to speak directly and set up a skype call.  We were able to see Chester on the screen and speak to Lynn and ask her questions both about the process and about Chester.

Next stage we confirmed we would like to adopt Chester and set about having a home visit.  This was as you’d expect, the lady looked around the downstairs of the house and the garden and then just went through owning a dog – though as she could see we already had one who was happy and calm this was relatively quick.  Lastly a date was set for Chester to be flown over, the whole process from us seeing him on the website to him arriving was around 6 weeks – but this was partly delayed due to us being on holiday.

The day before Chester arrived we were sent a schedule of where to pick him up and what time.  On the day we were sent regular messages about where they were and also a few video’s. We picked him up from a service station – yes this did slightly concern me as it is one thing you are told never to do, however the company who dropped him off have an official website and do this every week – they are very open and accountable and when one of the other adopters paperwork wasn’t quite up to scratch they made sure it was sorted correctly before handing the dog over.

Our first few weeks weren’t as smooth as many adopters – Chester was very nervous.  He cried all of the first night and then on and off for the next 2 nights.  He would only come near my daughter, the rest of us he ran away from.  He didn’t want to play, went for wee’s on the floor even after having just come in from the garden and was hated by our other dog who growled at him at every opportunity.  I did wonder what I’d done!  However these are dogs who have had a hard start in life and need patience and love.  Within a week he would come to me, within 3 weeks our other dog stopped growling, within a month we no longer had puddles on the floor.  At the time it seemed slow progress but looking back now it was no time at all.

6 months later we have a delightful dog.  He’s bright and happy.  He walks brilliantly off the lead, great recall, is very clever and does tricks with my daughter.  He plays, is energetic and yes he’s sometimes naughty (as I write this I’m looking at a big black ink stain on my new rug where he got hold of the new ink cartridges and chewed them!). However we love him to bits, he’s fitted in brilliantly and adores both my children and our other dog.  We constantly have comments when walking him about what a lovely dog he is (and his big brother). We wouldn’t be without him.

I have already recommended Merlin’s Haven to a friend who also now has her own rescue dog and is equally happy.

The Tail Of Dave and the East Family

We were lucky to have Dave join our family last year.  He came from Merlins Haven and my friend Lynn and others who run the rescue home introduced us to him.  She knew how much both my boys,  and to be honest my and husband and I wanted to have a dog.  My son Daniel has ASD and had been suffering from severe anxiety.  He has alway loved and wanted a dog.  Dave has been a god send and has helped Daniel, always there for cuddles and really bonded well.  Dave also has lots of love to give to the rest of us.  We love him to bits and would say if you have the opportunity to give a dog or puppy a Forever Home, look at Merlins Haven, the dogs are well loved and medically  taken care of until they are fit and ready to travel to the UK to their Forever Home.

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