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About Us

Merlins Haven is a small farm run by Lynn Morris and her team and is home to many stray, unwanted, abandoned and abused dogs and puppies in Cyprus. The aim of Merlin’s Haven is to provide a safe place for dogs to stay while their forever homes are found. The majority of  forever homes tend to be outside of Cyprus.


Merlins Haven is named after a Cyprus rescue dog called Merlin who came into the life of Lynn and her husband in June 2016 – the day after they had had to put one of their dogs, Bella, down due to ill health. Lynn answered an emergency foster request on Facebook the day after the death of Bella and believes he was sent by Bella as she knew straightaway there was something special about him.


It was not long before he went from foster to being a permanent member of the pack. Merlin tragically died in an accident in 2017 and he is sorely missed. Merlin, like many of the Cyprus dogs had a fantastic loving character and was very special and generated a lot of love and happiness.  


After the death of Merlin in August 2017, Lynn wanted to do something to keep his memory alive and Merlin’s Haven was born. 

Since moving to Cyprus in 2016, Lynn has helped over 200 stray dogs find their forever homes with the help of Mary-Kate Ingram based in the UK, a very experienced rehomer, and a number of other partners who help with finding dogs their forever homes.


Merlin’s Haven is situated on a farm and has grown and in addition to the dog rescue also provides a home for 25 rescue cats, 2 pigs one a rescue and 9 horses and ponies, 4 being rescued from the UK.

The Team

The Team

Lynn Morris


Cheryl Burnell 

Senior Merlin Assistant

Mary Kate Ingram

Merlin Re-homer Based In The U.K.

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Merlin Assistant

Sheila Orrell

Merlin Assistant

Shez Fundraiser.jpg

Shez Brzenczek

Merlin Fundraiser

Merlin's Resident Dogs

'Chief Security Officers'





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