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Adopt A Dog

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Border Collie

How Do I Adopt?

Our mantra is 'Adopt, Don't shop' as there are so many dogs available for adoption.

However, getting a dog is a big commitment so within this page we have included information for you to ensure that you are ready for that commitment.

Please note that adoption fees apply when adopting a dog from us. Please check out the 'Adoption Fee' information by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. 

How Much Does Keeping A Dog Cost?

It has been estimated that over the lifetime of a dog you will spend around £15,000.They need vaccinations, nuetering, microchipping, health checks, insurance is recommended, food, treats, toys, collars, leads, beds, grooming equipment, poo bags, boarding kennel costs, replacing damaged carpets, furniture, belongings.

Am I ready to get a dog?

A dog is a serious commitment both in time, energy and money, you should think carefully before adopting a dog to make sure you have thought of everything involved.

Time 'The Biggest Commitment Of All'

All dogs are pack animals. They need to have company and stimulation to remain mentally healthy. The level of commitment is similar to that of having a three year old child. You need to show them how to behave in the house, around people both at home and outside the home. You need to introduce them to all of the things that you may need them to do. They need both physical as well as mental stimulation.


Your dog needs to fit in with your lifestyle. If you are an active family if wouldn’t be fair to try to force a lap dog to run 10k with you. Likewise if you don’t like to be out and about in all weathers or have plenty of time for training and games then something like a spaniel or collie will be unhappy in your home.

Dogs Needs

If you are considering adopting a pedigree dog, please do some homework.

Research the breed you are interested in, pure breed dogs often have pre dispositions to some diseases and conditions. The requirements for exercise and grooming also need to be thought out carefully. 

Existing Commitments

If you already have young children or you have lots of things that take you away from home, are you being fair to a dog. Can a dog be included in your activities or will they be home alone?

A Dog will often live to be about 15 years of age –

you need to be there at the beginning when they are young and active as well as at the end when they may be ill or infirm.
A dog is part of the family, it should not be excluded or ignored because you are too busy or have something to watch on the television, or if you get bored easily.

You need to give your time to them.

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

We Welcome Any Dog / Cat Food, Beds, Linen, Or Anything Which Can Assist Us.


PayPal (SafePay) Donation

Over the Phone

If You Have Any Ideas On How To Raise Funds, Please Call Us

(00357) 992 42501

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