Dogs Available For Adoption

Name: Biscuit, Benny and Billy
Status: Available 
Breed:  Kokoni x
DOB: 19/03/2022
Sex: Male
Size: Small

More About the Kokoni Pups:

Merlin’s were made aware of a litter of puppies that were living with a litter of kittens under a patio and were left to run free in an unsecured area.  As they were not safe, the Merlin’s team went and caught the puppies.  It was apparent that they had not had any socialisation with humans and were very timid.  With good food and socialisation these pups have gained confidence and are beginning of trust humans.   Kokoni’s are small dogs and are very loving and attentive and make a great family addition.


Biscuit is the water baby of the litter.  Billy is the smallest pup and Benny is the tallest pup.  All love exploring and playing.

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