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Merlins Raffle Fundraiser - August 2019

To purchase a ticket click below:

1. Pet indoor CCTV Camera from X Smart
2. Video Doorbell from X Smart 
3. Fountain Water Bowl from PetSmart
4. Fountain Water Bowl from PetSmart
5. Tractive Dog GPS from Stacey Greene
6. Motorola Scout Tracker from Motorola
7. 15kg Dog Food from Eden Holistic Dog Food
8. 15kg Dog Food from Eden Holistic Dog Food
9. Inkless PawPrint Kit from PitPat
10. Pet Remedy Kit from Pet Remedy 
11. Viva Dog Subscription Box from Viva Dogs 
12. 20kilos Raw Chicken from Nature’s Banquet ( UK Only )
13. PitPat Dog Monitor from PitPat 
14. Agility Tunnel from Naylor 
15. National Pet Show Family Ticket ( UK Birmingham )
16. Book Folding , Name of Choice from John & Lisa Martins 
17. Freshwater Pearl EarRings from SimplyDivine
18. Raw Made Simple Treats & Bowl
19. Dog Bandana & Lead from Don’t Forget The Dog 
20. Pets Love Scruffs Blanket 
21. Dog Food from Pippa & Max
22. Tuggy Lead from Rooby Roo ( UK Only )
23. Dog Food and Tub of Treats from Platinum
24. 2 Boxes of Aptus Sport X from Aptus
25. Tuggy from Mabbztugtastic ( Uk Only )
26. 6kg Vitalin from Grove Pet Foods 
27. UP2 band from Jawbone
28. Box of Sport X and Box of Bakers Treats 
29. Box of Sport X and Box of Bakers Treats 
30. £20 Voucher from Dog Robes
31. 50% off Voucher from Me2UPainting drawing of your pet 
32. £10 Voucher for Osmunds 
33. Bundle from Royal Canin 
34. Oil Burner, Jar and Melt from Kitchen Candles ( UK Only )
35. Bundle from Nature’s Menu 
36. Cooling Bandana from Dog Snug 
37. Cooling Bandana from Dog Snug 
38. £15 Voucher from Nature’s Instinct 
39. Voucher from RudeDog Bandana ( UK Only ) 
40. £10 Voucher from Paper Jungle
41. £15 for Pets At Home Online from Perfect Pawtations
42. Dog Goodie Bag number 1 inc Dog Monitor 
43. Dog Goodie Bag number 2 inc Doggy Towel
44. Dog Goodie Bag number 3 inc 1kg Bag of Food
45. Dog Goodie Bag number 4 inc Pet Remedy Travel Kit
46. Dog Goodie Bag number 5 inc Vital Coat 
47. Dog Goodie Bag number 6 inc Large Antiseptic Spray
48. Dog Goodie Bag number 7 inc Bottles Canine Calming

Each of the Dog Goodie Bags is like a mini hamper , full with food , treats , bandana’s and more , each bag has their own main prize too listed above.

Charity Night - Blue Spice
04 Μαΐ 2019, 7:30 μ.μ.
Blue Spice Restaurant ,

We Need Your Support Today!

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