Dogs available for adoption

Name: Basil

Status: Available 

Breed:  Pincher x Terrier

Age/DOB: 2 years old

Sex: Male

Size: Small

More About Basil:

Basil was found as a stray and is a very active and agile little boy who loves people and thinks he is a big dog!   Has been cat tested and no issues with cats.  Is out with all type of dogs every day so can be homed with another dog.  Ideally looking for a home with a family looking for a fun, loving and active pet.


Name: Scooby

Status: Available 

Breed:  Lab x Chow

Age/DOB: 7 years old

Sex: Male

Size: Medium (small labrador size)

More About Scooby:

Scooby was found close to Merlin’s Haven after being dumped by his owner who lived 40 kms away with a cruciate ligament rupture which he had had for some time and could therefore not use his hind leg properly.  Scooby has made a full recovery from the operation to repair his cruciate and is now looking for his forever home.


Scooby acts much younger than his age.  Very active and loves walks and toys - not unusual for him to carry a toy with him on walks.  Does not like cats.  Good with female dogs and calm males but does prefer the company of humans so a home as the only dog would be preferred!  Very loving dog who will make a great companion.

Name: Joey

Status: Available 

Breed:  Shepherd  x

Age/DOB: August 2017

Sex: Male

Size: Large

More About Joey:

Joey came to Merlin's after being a stray for several months in a village called Achna.  A family had been feeding him for a couple of months but they then left the area and Joey came to Merlin's.

He is a very obedient and loving dog. He loves footballs and playing tug or war.  He loves going jogging and for walks.  He will make an ideal pet for an active individual or family with alot of space.  He is not good with cats and is better with female dogs or calm male dogs.

Name: Pearl

Status: Available 

Breed:  Staffy Cross

Age/DOB:   15 months

Sex: Female

Size:  Medium

More About Pearl

Pearl came to Merlin's after being found wandering in a nearby village.  We late found that her original owners gave her away and that person them did not want her.

You could not ask for a more sweeter natured dog.  She is good with other dogs and loves being with people and children.  As she s still young, she will suit an owner with an active lifestyle.  Home without cats preferred.

Name: Daisy

Status: Available CYPRUS only

Breed:  Dogo Argentino

Age/DOB:  4.5 years old

Sex: Female

Size:  Large

More About Daisy:

Daisy was confiscated by the veterinary services due to the owner mistreating her.  She had been used as a breeding machine and was in very poor condition when she arrived at Merlin's.

Daisy is completely deaf and is a very gentle and loving dog.  She is good with other dogs (roams free during the day and just let's the puppies climb all over her) and not bothered about cats.  Loves people.

Loves her food and creature comforts including blankets and quilts.  Does not like the cold or gain.  Loves a quite life.

Name: Benny

Status: Available

Breed: Pointer


Sex: Male

Size: Large

More About Benny:

Benny was left at Merlin's one night - skinny, dirty, scared and with a growth on his back leg.

He has had the growth removed which was benign and he has now put on weight and gaining confidence.

He will need an owner who will give him time to continue to gain confidence and understand that life can be good.

Name: Cole

Status: Available 

Breed: English Pointer x Labrador

Age/DOB: 4 years old

Sex: Male

Size: Large

More About Cole:

Found as a stray in a village next to Merlin’s.  Beautiful sweet natured dog.  Good with people, dogs and not interested in cats.  Would make an ideal  pet for an active family.

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