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Dogs available for adoption

Name: Blondie
Status: Available (in UK foster)
Breed: Mixed
DOB: 2019
Sex: Female 
Size: Medium

More About Blondie:

Blondie who is now 2.5 years old, and has been with us for nearly 18 months. In July 2020 we caught a litter of pups who had been living wild in a field with their mum and dad, or so we thought! The dad turned out to be Blondie and was a pup from a previous litter. We managed to catch Blondie, the mum and the last pup around at the beginning of October 2020. As none of them had been socialised it took a while for them to start trusting humans. The mum, Dolly and the pups left Merlin’s last year however due to her total mistrust and fear Blondie was more of a challenge.

Quite soon after capturing her we found that she was pregnant. The only way we could get near her was to sedate her. She had 8 lovely pups in November and was a good mum but still did not trust humans. She would let us feed and handle her pups but she would not have anything to do with us. The pups left Merlin’s in March last year and are all in their forever homes.

It is now Blondie’s turn! We have been working with her for nearly a year and she is now ready to be adopted. She is still a little timid initially but will take food from your hand, let you smooth her and groom her and loves going for a walk. In fact she is amazing on a lead and she holds her beautiful bushy tail proudly when she is out for a walk. She has been out to various different locations and met different people and done so well. She is also good in the car and has even been to Greek lessons with Lynn. Blondie is very sweet and not aggressive even when she is a little scared.

We believe she will blossom in a home environment but her new family need to be experienced dog owners, able to offer her a calm, loving environment and have patience. We would also like her to go to a home with another dog who is calm but confident. In return they will have the reward of seeing Blondie enjoying the life she deserves!

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